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We specialise in Built to Rents & Affordable Housing 

We go above and beyond your expectations to achieve the best outcome for you. While many property agents will give you the same promise, the ‘Cubic difference’ is that we ensure our actions speak louder than words.

Cubic Real Estate is a versatile property company that focuses not only with sales and leasing but also working closely with builders and property developers to help them achieve their construction and development objectives.

We have ongoing team training to ensure that we maintain our ethos and continuously improve ourselves in how to provide the best service in the industry.

We hand pick our team members that align with our values of  honesty and integrity. We value character in a person more than profitability. 

We are a NSW
Community Housing Provider (CHP)

Cubic Real Estate is a Registered Community Housing Provider under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing. We are responsible for compliance work related to affordable housings on behalf of private developers and owners, in accordance with NSW Affordable Housing Ministerial Guidelines


When Lisa Wang started in the property industry more than 20 years ago, she wanted to make a difference. Carrying the Australian essence, Cubic Real Estate was founded on the principle that people from all walks of life deserve to be looked after with the same high level of service. With this ethos in mind, Cubic has proudly served thousands of satisfied clients from the ‘mums and dads’ owner occupiers/investors, high net-worth clienteles to high profile property developers. With a loyal client base, Cubic Real Estate will continue its mandate to serve and deliver to the highest standards. The business ranges from sales and management of residential properties to project marketing of low, medium and high density living. 


While Cubic Real Estate has hit many milestones over the years, Lisa felt there was more she can do for the community. She realised that there are a lot of hardworking people out there struggling to find an affordable home due to a very tight Sydney property market. To fulfill this desire to help the community and to make a social contribution, Cubic went to acquire a Community Housing Provider (CHP) license which gives her the ability to manage affordable housing under the strict guidelines of the NSW Government.


Equipped with this CHP license, Lisa now consults and educates property developers on the advantages and incentives of supplying more affordable housing to the community alongside her team of experienced property professionals by working with builders, developers and government to achieve a win win outcome for the community, government and  private developers. 

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Lisa Wang

Founder/Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience in the property industry, Lisa started her career in law but realised that her passion was in property hence, Cubic Real Estate was born. Lisa’s approach to managing a real estate business is different to most agencies where she values service, empathy and respect for people from all walks of life. Her success comes from her strength and honesty. Her no-nonsense approach has earned her thousands of loyal customers from purchasers, tenants and property developers. Lisa also has won support from many builders/developers that she has come across in recent times as the business expands to a new phase. She also carefully hand picks her team to ensure that her vision for Cubic Real Estate stays on course for years to come.

Abraham Akber

Senior Sales and Leasing Executive

Abraham has been with Cubic Real Estate for over 10 years. He is not your ordinary sales and leasing agent. His knowledge of the property market is exemplary and that is demonstrated by a long list of clients that keeps returning asking for his assistance. His down-to-earth approach sets him apart from his peers in the industry. For this reason, Abraham can service a wide range of clients from astute property buyers to picking out the best tenants for the landlord. His honesty and willingness to go the extra mile has also earned him praise from our clients.

Wegland Lau

CEO (Affordable Housing)

Wegland has been in the property industry for more than 20 years, primarily in medium to high density living. Having worked with some of Australia’s largest property agencies and developers, Wegland realised that he needed a purpose in his professional life and felt that housing affordability is an ongoing issue that needed to be resolved with urgency.

Kevin is Cubic Real Estate’s Project Marketing Specialist for over 5 years. He is supported by a vast network of prolific property developers that only builds the best quality medium to high density living. Kevin’s expertise is in servicing clients that are looking for new off-the-plan projects. He will not just present any new properties to you but will handpick the best that suits your needs whether it is for you to reside in or as an investment. We understand that purchasing a brand-new property can be daunting but with Kevin’s assistance, we are certain you will be truly satisfied with the experience.

Edward Goh

Communications/ Compliance Officer

Edward is a fresh graduate in accounting but his attention to detail is second to none hence he is a valuable team member of Cubic Real Estate. He addresses the periodic assessment of fire and safety equipment in all the properties that Cubic manages. Edward is well-mannered and down to earth hence, he has fostered a great working relationship with landlords and tenants and compliance officers. Cubic is also undergoing a technological change which Edward is actively involved in.

Beverley Kwok

Senior Sales and Leasing Executive

Beverley has been with Cubic Real Estate for over 9 years. Not only is she an energetic and enthusiastic individual, but she also lives and breathes property, hence she can service any type of clientele she comes across. With her authenticity, her clients are always at ease whether it is a sales transaction or leasing a property. Beverley has an extensive knowledge of the Sydney property market from the Northern Beaches to the Eastern Suburbs and out to the west. As Beverley always say, “my versatility is what brings me success”.

Jimson Yip

Senior Sales and Leasing Executive

Jimson has been with Cubic Real Estate for over 12 years. Jimson is an experienced property professional and has extensive knowledge of the Sydney property market. He is also an avid property investor, which enhances his knowledge of the market giving him an advantage to give the best advice to his clients. Like his peers at Cubic, Jimson has a large following of customers that trust his advice and judgment. His clients treat Jimson as their friend, and he encourages open communication with anyone he comes across. Whether it is a property sales transaction or leasing, you are in a safe pair of hands with Jimson.

Mandy Lin

Sales and Leasing Executive

Mandy has bene with Cubic Real Estate for over 8 years. Mandy is a valuable member of the Cubic team as she can nurture any clients she comes across. Her straightforward approach of communication has been widely praised by landlords and tenants as she is able to bridge the gap between the two. Mandy’s patience and resilience in any situation brings harmony to any negotiation process.

Max Huang

Senior Sales and Leasing Executive

Max has been with Cubic Real Estate for over 10 years. Max has a unique position at Cubic Real Estate as he possesses a builder’s license and is managing an extensive portfolio of residential buildings focusing on facilities management. Max’s success comes from his hands-on approach in managing his portfolio. His attention to detail has earned him an excellent reputation from building owners and tenants alike. His astute nature, especially with asset management ensures that building owners have peace of mind when having their valuable asset under Max's management.

Kevin Xu

Channel Sales Specialist (Project Marketing)

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