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Project Marketing

Cubic Real Estate has years of experience in the project marketing arena. Not only are we involved in the sales and marketing of new development projects, but we also have a team of experienced professionals that consults to property developers, builders and architects in floorplan designs, feasibility studies and site acquisitions. Our team members have worked with Australia’s largest and most prolific developers hence, we have the confidence to provide property developers the best advice.



Cubic Real Estate also specialises in ‘off-the-plan’ projects. We pick the best property development projects for our clients.


We also provide consulting services to property developers from site acquisitions, feasibility studies, floor plan advice, DA submission and provision of affordable housing on-site.


We are also involved in the ‘pre-sales’ of properties via our extensive database taking away the stress from developers that are requiring pre-sales in a development project which may be a perquisite before commencement of construction.

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