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Cubic Real Estate also manages co-living housing as part of its asset management portfolio. We have years of experience in this area as this type of property management requires a special skill set.


What is co-living? Co-living housing (also known as new generation boarding houses) is defined by the NSW Government as:


  • Having small private rooms complemented by shared indoor and outdoor spaces, which encourages residents to come together to relax and socialise.

  • It contains private and shared spaces that are fully furnished and ready to occupy.

  • Co-living housing is typically built in highly connected areas, where residents have convenient access to work, study and recreation opportunities. It appeals to young professionals and key workers such as front-line workers but not limited to other varieties of people.

We encourage developers of co-living housing to contact us and discuss how we can assist with your co-living projects.

Design Stage

Our in-house professional team can work closely with developers from the initial stages of the project up to completion by providing valuable input ensuring the most desirable outcome for landlords and tenants.

Feasibility Studies

We have an experienced team of financial experts that can put together an effective feasibility report ensuring that any proposed developments will be financially viable from day one.

Team meeting

Cubic Asset Management

With our years of experience in managing prized assets, all on-site team members are fully trained so that we take the complexities and stress of on-site management away from stakeholders of the project.

Branding Flexibility

Many operators of co-living housing require that the project falls under their marketing branding guidelines. At Cubic, we do not impose such a requirement. We give you the flexibility to create your own branding. However, if it is your desire for us to provide our branding, that option is also available.

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